Residential Deck Warranty
DMG Home Services Llc is proud to offer the following warranty for deck materials and labor
TREX Limited Warranty
As a preferred contractor of the Home depot network we install TREX products. TREX offers a 25 year Limited warranty against split, splinter, rod or structural damage from termites and fungal decay. Please note that you must register the warranty once the job is completed and final payment is processed. 
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Structural Work Limited Warranty
Dmg Home Services Llc warrants all structural work such as floor joists, hangers, ledger boards, rim board, post and concrete piers to be constructed within the guidelines of the city/county codes pertaining to the location of the structure, and to be free from defects which would compromise the integrity of the structure (excluding damage from a natural disaster or “act of God”) for a period of 5 years (sixty months) following the date of completion. If a structural failure occurs during this time frame following the date of completion and is determined to be a direct result of  bad workmanship on the part of Dmg Home Services Llc. We will repair or replace at our discretion.
Cosmetic Deck Components
In addition Dmg Home Services will also warrant for sixty day from completion all cosmetic components such as handrails, spindles, deck planks, wrap boards, and any other non structural components. We will repair or replace at our discretion. (Owner is responsible for the cost of materials)
Wood Decks
Due to the nature of pressure treated lumber to wrap and crack has no cosmetic warranty however the structural warranty fully applies. 
As 4x4 and 6x6 post dry out, they will experience what is known as Checking which is part of the normal drying process. During this process up to ¼ inch cracks will form. This cracking is a normal condition of the lumber and does not affect the integrity of the lumber or structure. Checking is not covered under our warranties. Note Dmg Home Services does not recommend the use of pressure treated lumber for other than the substructure of a deck. ​​​​​​​
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