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Commercial Roof Services
We are a licensed roof contractor in the state of Illinois with offices in Chicago. We are also  certified with GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in the US and Canada. We offer several commercial roof systems and finance options to meet any budget. Our commercial roof services include: 
New roof install (several roof membrane options), tapered and positive roof drain design, 2nd roof overlay, water leak repair, roof and attic ventilation, roof certification for insurance and real estate sales, consulting and representation for storm damage claims, and building code compliance. 
The roof membrane types we work with include  TPO membranes, Modified Bitumen membranes, liquid roof systems and reflective roof coatings. For a free quote Call (708) 866-1541​​​​​​​
Modified Bitumen Roof System
Our most popular roof system today Includes a complete tear off of your roof down to the roof deck or plywood, and the installation of top quality roofing products including (1) polyiso insulation boards (2) a #75 base sheet (mechanically fastened), (3) an APP roof cap membrane (torch heat applied) and finally the application of a roof reflective coating to the the entire roof surface. 
The system comes with a warranty backed by the roof manufacturer that can range from 10 to 20 years depending on the roof system. Below is a video that shows the various modified  bitumen roof products available to building owners. For a free quote Call (708) 866-1541​​​​​​​
Positive Drainage and Tapered Design
Avoid water leaks and prolong the life of your new roof system by properly draining rain water using tapered polyiso boards to channel the water to roof drains and scuppers. The video below will show how a customed tapered roof system can create passive drainage. For a free quote Call (708) 866-1541 for your roof. Lear More
Liberty SBS Self Adhesive Roofing System
3 Layer System easy to apply and cost effective for small low slope roof sections. For a free quote Call (708) 866-1541

Single-Ply TPO System
Single-Ply roofing membranes provide great flexibility and UV resistance, can be installed in one layer using fasteners or adhesives. System offer several warranty options. Free Quotes Call (708) 866-1541
Liquid Membrane System
Built on-site to form a fully-adhered, reinforced, seamless, self-flashing membrane. System offer several warranty options. Free Quotes Call (708) 866-1541
Roof Coatings
Reliable roofing solutions that can be installed without the need for tear-offs or new insulation. This systems offer several warranty options. Free Quotes Call (708) 866-1541
Water Ponding Repairs using Unisil HS Silicone Coating
Commercial Roof Certifications
Professional Installation & The Best Roof Materials
We are certified in the installation of several commercial roof membranes and roof systems. Click below to view our credentials

Roof Warranties
Roof Warranties Learn More
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