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EnergyGuard™ Polyiso Insulation
EnergyGuard™ Polyiso is a flat board made of glass fiber-reinforced (GRF) cellulosic felt facers bonded to a core of polyisocyanurate foam. EnergyGuard™ Polyiso is widely used in commercial construction for new and retrofit applications and is compatible with a large variety of roofing systems. To prevent thermal bridging, we recommend installing two layers of EnergyGuard™ with joints staggered. EnergyGuard™ delivers high thermal value, moisture resistance, and dimensional stability to virtually all low-slope roofing systems.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Some of the benefit of using EnergyGuard™ polyiso panels include: 
1. Two layers of 2.6” EnergyGuard™ Polyiso over a steel deck reaches an R value of 30
2. Installation of two layers of EnergyGuard™ polyiso with staggered joints helps to prevent thermal bridging
3. EnergyGuard™ is compatible with a variety of single-ply roofing systems including TPO, Mod Bit, Bur, and Ballasted roof systems
4. UL Class A Cover Combustible Decks - Cover board use is required.
5. EnergyGuard™ is ideal for new construction and is compatible with a variety of decks including metal, wood and concrete.
6. EnergyGuard™ is ideal for retrofit construction when a roof is being replaced and additional thermal value is needed.
7. EnergyGuard™ polyiso is lightweight and easy to maneuver around a job site

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Related Products​​​​​​​
Drill-Tec 3" Insulation plate
Steel plates made of Galvalume® coated steel made to attach insulation to gypsum and cementitious wood fiber (Tectum®) decks. Drill-Tec™ 3" Insulation Plates are made of coated Galvalume® steel and their round design provides an even distribution of loads and eliminates sharp corners that can damage the insulation.
1. Attaches insulation to gypsum, Tectum®, and lightweight concrete decks
2. Designed to be used with Drill-Tec™ LD Fastener

Drill-Tec™ #14 Fastener
Heavy-duty roofing fastener designed to secure insulation to heavy steels (10-20 ga.), wood decks, and structural concrete. 

1. Deep thread for high pull-out resistance
2. Extra sharp drill point for quick installation in new or re-roof applications

GAF LRF Adhesive XF
A two part component, construction-grade, low-rise polyurethane foam roofing adhesive.

1. Coverage rate, up to 24 sq. for Fleece-Back TPO/PVC membranes & up to 35 sq. for insulation
2. Low odor makes it suitable for occupied buildings
3. Ready and easy-to-use portable canister
4. Zero VOCs (after mixing using SCAQMD Method 304)

Roof Cover Board Options
EnergyGuard™ HD & EnergyGuard™ HD Plus Polyiso cover board
Durable coated glass fiber facer (CGF), bonded to a core of high-density polyiso, and designed to be used as a cover board for low-slope roof systems. EnergyGuard™ HD has an R-value of 2.5, the highest of any cover board — and, at 11 lb. respectively per 4’ x 8’ board, it’s a fraction of the weight of gypsum cover boards. With 80 psi compressive strength and a durable coated glass facer, EnergyGuard™ HD is an ideal board for protecting your roof against the elements.

1. Versatile:  Compatible with mechanically attached TPO, fully adhered TPO, cold-applied MB, cold-applied BUR applications, and more
2. Excellent Performance:  Highest R-value cover board at 2.5 (tested in accordance with ASTM C518)

GAF Dens-Deck Prime Roof Boards
GAF Dens-Deck Prime Roof Board 1/4"x4'x4' (1 ct) offers an exceptional fire barrier, thermal barrier, and re-cover board with a pre-primed surface to make the bond even stronger. 

Benefits of DensDeck Roof Board include
1. An excellent fire barrier, DensDeck Roof Boards feature a noncombustible core and inorganic surface that offer greater fire protection than other conventional commercial roofing products when applied over combustible roof decks and steel decks.     
2. DensDeck Roof Boards are FM tested and approved as the only 1/2" gypsum product to meet the calorimeter requirements for conventionally insulated decks.
3. Tested in accordance with ASTM E84, its surface burning characteristics are Flame Spread-0 and Smoke Developed-0. 5/8"

Polyiso Assembly Options
Positive Drainage and Tapered Design
Avoid water leaks and prolong the life of your new roof system by properly draining rain water using tapered polyiso boards to channel the water to roof drains and scuppers. The video below will show how a customed tapered roof system can create passive drainage. For a free quote Call (708) 866-1541 for your roof. 
Building Codes and Minimum R-Values For Insulation Entirely Above Roof Deck
1. The 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) minimum R-Value is R-30 for climate zones four and five, Illinois is considered to be in a climate zone 5. 
2. The Illinois Minimum R-Value is R-30 for new construction and replacement​​​​​​​

Chicago Exemption
Chicago allows for existing R-Values to remain for existing buildings where the requirement for new construction can not be met due to parapet heights, equipment curbs, skylight curbs, window sills, door thresholds and other building elements with flashings into the roof system. In no case shall the amount of insulation be less than what was there before prior to the the work

Attic Insulation 
Minimum R-Value is R-49

Commercial Roof Certifications
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We are certified in the installation of several commercial roof membranes and roof systems. Click below to view our credentials

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