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Positive Drainage and Tapered Design
Avoid water leaks and prolong the life of your new roof system by properly draining rain water using tapered polyiso boards to channel the water to roof drains and scuppers. The video below will show how a customed tapered roof system can creates passive drainage.  
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Building Codes and Minimum R-Values For Insulation Entirely Above Roof Deck
1. The 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) minimum R-Value is R-30 for climate zones four and five, Illinois is considered to be in a climate zone 5. 
2. The Illinois Minimum R-Value is R-30 for new construction and replacement​​​​​​​

Chicago Exemption
Chicago allows for existing R-Values to remain for existing buildings where the requirement for new construction can not be met due to parapet heights, equipment curbs, skylight curbs, window sills, door thresholds and other building elements with flashings into the roof system. In no case shall the amount of insulation be less than what was there before prior to the the work

Attic Insulation 
Minimum R-Value is R-49

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