Roof Installation Process

Below you will find tips and the step by step process taken in most of our Asphalt Shingle Installs

Installation Process
Putting a new roof in your home is a big improvement, and one that comes with plenty of questions so we’d like to keep an open line of communication with you throughout the entire roofing process. Below you will find tips and the step by step process taken in most of our asphalt shingle installs:
Preparation Tips
1. You should prepare both the outside and the inside of your home. If you have any damaged plywood you are having replaced, it is a good idea to cover all of your furniture, bedding and clothing to prevent any falling debris from damaging your household items. The roofers will be scattering and nailing materials all over your roof.
2. If you have an attic, cover everything using an attic tarp. If possible, you should remove any items so you will not have to be concerned about any possible damage. Being prepared is always a good idea.
3. Once you have prepared the inside of your home, you should move anything that’s outside near your home that might be damaged by any falling debris.
4. This includes your patio furniture, grills and potted plants. Prior to any shingles being removed, you should remove any solar panels, antennas and satellite dishes.
5. Parking your car and any boats further down your street will provide the contractors with enough room to move everything back and forth from your home.
6. You should not need to move out during your roof replacement. Any disruption in your routine should be fairly minimal because roofing contractors work during office hours. If you work from home, you may find the noise disruptive. You can look into spending time with a friend or a family member.
Pets And Children
During construction, there is a chance debris may fall from your roof. This is a safety risk for your children and pets. You can keep everyone safe by explaining to your kids why they are unable to go outside. You can also set up areas where they can play safely. Your best option for pets is to put them in the quietest room in your home so they will not become stressed by the noise above.
Roof Installation
1. Planning - a site inspection by a project manager and team leader is usually needed. During this inspection, roof measurements are verified, crew size, and equipment are also assessed for the project
2. Jobsite Prep work - When the crew arrives they immediately start preparing the site for the job, using tarps and wooden barriers to protect your home and yard from debris. They will also need access to power and water and order to use their tools. Meanwhile the Team Leaders Inspect the Site to make sure everything is covered and finds the best location to place ladders. Materials arrive at the same time as the crew via delivery truck and are placed in a safe location.
3. Tear-Off & Assessment. At this time, our roofing crew will begin removing your old roof, down to the plywood. When we replace your roof, we take extra precautions to remove all old shingles and felt paper to give your new roof a solid, new and clean foundation to lay on. If we determine that some of your plywood has rotten or damaged, we’ll remove and replace it with brand new plywood. Note additional costs per square foot applies when removing and replacing damaged decking. Refer to your contract for pricing.
4. Roof Components and Install - Once the old roof has been removed and we have replaced any damaged plywood, the next step is to lay down all component of your new roof system:
Ventilation modification to board if needed
+ Drip edge
+ Leak Barrier - Ice and water shield
+ Starter Strip Shingle
+ Deck Protection 
+ Shingle
+ Vent install
+ Ridge cap shingle
+ Clean up
+ Soffit and Gutters when applicable 

IMPORTANT - Note that not all components listed above may be included with your contract as systems and scope of work may be modified to meet your budgetary and installation needs.   
Final Cleanup - Once our work is completed and your roof is installed, we do a final inspection of your entire property and remove any leftover materials and debris. 

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